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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: do you remember

The 21st night of September.

Clive Davis 90th Birthday Celebration - Arrivals Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Love was changin’ the minds of pretenders, while chasin’ the clouds away. What a great song. September by Earth, Wind & Fire - the anthem of today, September 21st. EWF formed in 1969, released their first album in 1971, and are still touring today. The band released 21 studio albums, received 17 Grammy nominations, and took home 6 of them. Their music spanned genres and generations and generally rocks.

I don’t really have much more for you this morning. I’m too busy listening to that song on repeat. But for those of you who want a Sporcle because it’s Wednesday, here is Grammy Record of the Year. You get the record (song) and you have to name the artist.

I haven’t taken it yet because the mornings are puppy time. The pup we’re fostering is cute and sweet when she isn’t being an energetic ball of chaos, and as a husky-heeler mix, she is like that several times a day. She’s a good dog, but not the right one for us. I’m happy to inform y’all that we have found a forever home for her! We pass her off to her new people a week from today.