IKTS Week 8: At Brentford.

The elites in charge got it wrong, once again, and a whole set of ten games for matchday 7 suffered an unnecessary cancelation. Most cricket games, equestrian sports, rugby, and other sporting events were approved to go on by the same elites. But football is so plebeian, it had to be disrespected by the Thatcherites and their ideological heirs, including many who are fraudulently in charge of football. This is happening in a season with a World Cup with an unnatural spot in November and December, and a humongous fixture pileup is expected. End of rant. In other news, Boehly of Chelsea is suggesting an all star game, with cheerleaders, and halftime entertainment. Beside the sheer ludicrousness of the idea, we all know that the best players would shun such a game. Unlike the NFL, real football has players that are involved in international competitions and/or players that play too many games in too many competitions including the unduly inflated competitions like the EFL Cup, and these players will not show up for Boehly's idea of a game.

Scores for the week:

AsemBuckets 0 (0)
ben from portsmouth 0 (0)
billvacation 0 (0)
ClevelandJames 0 (0)
Geaux_HR 0 (0)
hansdampf 0 (0)
luismamontes 0 (0)
Mulz 0 (0)
Purple & Proud 0 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 0 (0)
rswansont 0 (0)
Seidman 0 (0)
skinnejay 0 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 0 (0)

Stars of the week: All the participants are in first place while also in last place. Yes, I am a magician.

Clever pick of the week: None. The dumb pick of the week is those who postponed the games.

Crisis pick of the week: A clean sheet. Nobody got a wrong prediction. Indeed, I am a magician.

Scores after week 7:

skinnejay 54 (9)
luismamontes 51 (8)
Sonny from Suffolk 51 (8)
Mulz 49 (7)
Ray from Norfolk 49 (6)
Geaux_HR 47 (6)
AsemBuckets 47 (5)
Purple & Proud 45 (7)
rswansont 42 (4)
hansdampf 41 (3)
ben from portsmouth 39 (3)
ClevelandJames 39 (3)
billvacation 37 (5)
Seidman 36 (5)
DustyGooner 9 (2)

After week 7, skinnejay leads luismamontes and Sonny from Suffolk by three points.

Upcoming schedule: Friday September 16, Saturday September 17, and Sunday September 18:

Aston Villa - Southampton
Nottingham Forest - Fulham
Wolverhampton - Manchester City
Newcastle - Bournemouth
Tottenham - Leicester
Brentford - Arsenal
Everton - West Ham