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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: SPORCLE

Marquee With COVID-19 Message At Independent Theatre In Pennsylvania Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Don’t ask me why, but I was feeling like a movie Sporcle this morning. So today we’ve got a Movie Posters Quiz. You get a piece of the poster, you guess which movie it’s from. I don’t know how many movie buffs we’ve got in the community, but I was able to do pretty well on the quiz (18 of 24), and I’m not a huge movie guy.

To that point, are any of y’all film buffs? What have you seen recently? What are your favorite movies? I can’t remember the last one I watched that wasn’t a Marvel, Bond, brainless, fun / action flick. But I get plenty of mileage out of those. I think the last “real” movie I saw was Operation Finale back in 2018. Really enjoyed that one, though.

And my apologies for missing out on a few CFs. The puppy has a bunch of energy to burn off in the mornings, which is when I usually do them. Perhaps I’ll use my noggin and do CF in advance the day before because pupper loves her daytime naps. Stay tuned.