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Thursday Cannon Fodder: getting to know you!

Hello, my name is Aaron.

It’s time for the yearly “getting to know you” Cannon Fodder. It’s probably my favorite recurring CF. Okay, if I’m being honest, it’s one of the only recurring CFs, but who is keeping track. I’m changing things up just a bit this year because the season opener is tomorrow (Friday), and I figure that most of your commenting will be geared towards the match.

The community aspect of the site is one of the most important parts, and I want to make sure that everybody has enough time to “meet” (or catch up with old commenting friends). It’s great to see y’all connect with each other over shared home states, common interests outside Arsenal, etc.

For those of you who are new / started commenting regularly during the season but weren’t around at the start, welcome! It’s great to have you. For our regulars, welcome back. I’m excited for this season. Hopefully you enjoy our coverage and my particular, some might say peculiar, style. I’ll get us started.

I’m Aaron Lerner. I’ve been the TSF Site Manager for almost three years now. Born, raised, and still living in the D.C. area and proud of it. Other than Arsenal, I’m a Washington Capitals, Duke Basketball (my alma mater), and LSU football (family connections) guy. I’m an NFL fan, generally, and enjoy watching football. But really, if it’s sports, there’s a good chance I’m into it. I watch golf, tennis, softball, Olympic sports (and so on) regularly. I used to care about the Washington Nationals, but their trade of Juan Soto has pretty much killed any interest I have in that franchise.

When I’m not watching sports, I’m probably exercising, cooking, or gaming with my free time. During the pandemic, I got really into Peloton and do their workouts regularly. My GF and I go to the farmer’s market every week to get fresh, local ingredients to cook during the week. Right now, I’m primarily playing Hearthstone. I dabble in Apex Legends, and I have a nagging WoW habit that I just can’t quite kick.

Please introduce yourselves in the comments! If you’re looking for good ideas of things to share, I’d suggest favorite TV shows, musical interests, any good books you’ve read recently, whether you have any pets, what you do in your spare time (outdoors stuff, gardening, knitting, etc.), favorite travel destination, favorite food. Also feel free to share your deepest, darkest, most personal secret. Your most crippling fears. Okay, maybe not those last two.