IKTS Week 1: At Crystal Palace.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 IKTS season. A quick reminder about the scoring system:

You get 3 points if you guess the exact score for a game. Guessing the correct outcome and the correct goal difference (but not the exact score) will yield 2 points. For draws, you thus will get at least 2 points, no matter what. Finally, guessing the correct outcome but missing out on the correct score and the correct goal difference yields 1 point. In addition, any exact score prediction yields one IKTS point, which is important as a tie breaker. Of course, you get nothing if you do not have the correct outcome.

An example: Gunner has the best set of predictions for the game week, and has the exact score for two games, the correct outcome and correct goal difference for one game, and the correct outcome (but neither the correct score nor the correct goal difference) for two games, and incorrect predictions for the other five games. Gunner's score for the week would thus be 3 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 10 points along with 2 IKTS points. His score will thus appear as:

Scores for the week:
Gunner 10 (2)

I hope this is clear, but do not hesitate to post a comment for further clarifications. I always list the games in the same order as the official fantasy listings:

Week 1: Friday August 5, Saturday August 6, and Sunday August 7:

Crystal Palace - Arsenal
Fulham - Liverpool
Bournemouth - Aston Villa
Leeds - Wolverhampton
Newcastle - Nottingham Forest
Tottenham - Southampton
Everton - Chelsea
Leicester - Brentford
Manchester United - Brighton
West Ham - Manchester City