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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: Premier League Recap

Manchester United v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

It was a wild weekend in the Premier League with plenty of unexpected results. Somehow, Arsenal are the final team with a perfect record (3 wins from 3 matches). There are 6 other unbeaten teams, however, so the Invincibles can’t pop the champagne quite yet.

Tottenham 1 - Wolves 0
Wolves were the better team in the first half but were unable to capitalize on their dominance. They really need a striker. Raul Jimenez has struggled to stay fit, and you need more than one player capable of leading the line. Spurs were the better side in the second half. Harry Kane’s goal made him the leading one-club scorer in PL history.

Everton 1 - Nottingham Forest 1
I still don’t know what to make of either of these sides. I think Everton are better than they’re playing but they need to start winning matches. Nottingham Forest play with plenty of energy, but I’m not sure how much overall quality they have.

Leicester City 1 - Southampton 2
Leicester are a stagnant side. They’ve got Wesley Fofana and Youri Tielemans having their heads turned by other clubs, and they haven’t added anybody in the transfer window. Good win for Southampton, but I still think they’re going down.

Fulham 3 - Brentford 2
What an unexpected, surprisingly exciting match. I would far prefer if all mid- to lower-table matches were high-scoring affairs.

Crystal Palace 3 - Aston Villa 1
That 2-0 Arsenal win at Palace is looking better by the day, isn’t it? Palace are going to take points off top sides this season, they’re a good team, and they play with some bite on defense and through the midfield.

Brighton 2 - West Ham 0
Is it time to sound the alarm bells on West Ham? They’ve got 0 points and have yet to score. Arsenal were in a similar position last season, but West Ham doesn’t have the same level of quality to bounce back. It might help if David Moyes would give his creative attacking players more time and license to get forward. And how about that job that Graham Potter is doing? It doesn’t seem to matter who they sell, they just keep plugging along.

Leeds United 3 - Chelsea 0
Don’t try to tell me you saw this one coming. You didn’t. I don’t think anybody did. Leeds’ energy and pressure wreacked havoc on the Chelsea defense and midfield. The Blues look a disjointed side, particularly on attack. They need a striker, which is wild given how much they spent on Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner, both no longer playing for the club.

Newcastle 3 - Manchester City 3
Newcastle are another team like Crystal Palace — if you’re not up for them, they’re going to take points off you. They played well, but I came away from that match thinking how City looked a bit off and still scored three away from the Etihad. I think the red should have stood for Kieran Trippier.

Manchester United 2 - Liverpool 1
Liverpool don’t have a midfield right now. They’ve got some guys hurt, but even when they come back, I think it’s going to be a problem for the Reds. Not going to read too much into Manchester United’s side of the result. It was a kitchen sink match, and it was at Old Trafford. If they don’t get a result, they’re in full-on crisis.

What are your takeaways and observations from the weekend? Which result surprised you the most?