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Thursday Cannon Fodder: growth

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

It’s a new Premier League season. Players have improved (or declined) and changed teams. Clubs have new kits, new managers, and renewed hope. Even the pundits have changed — there are some different faces / voices spouting mostly the same drek at us. In short, growth and change abounds.

But have we changed? Are we watching football differently? Looking for different things during matches? Consuming new and different content (please share!)? Perhaps your support has changed (not the club you like, but how supportive / critical you’re being). Maybe it’s something as simple as your viewing habits, like your little one is old enough to watch with you.

I’m making a concerted effort this season to be less focused on what the referee is or isn’t doing. I’ve (maybe) made peace with the fact that Premier League referees stink and that they stink for everybody. I’m trying to concentrate more on what the teams are doing on the pitch rather than what the guy wearing black is doing. We’ll see how long that attempt at personal growth lasts. Probably right up until Arsenal drop points because they didn’t get a penalty award.

How about you? Doing anything differently this season?