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Thursday Cannon Fodder: favorite rumors

Portugal v Switzerland: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 2 Photo by Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

It seems as if the only men’s football news right now are transfer rumors. There is plenty of drama in women’s football with inclusions / omissions from Euro rosters, but I digress. Today’s CF is about the silly season. I remain convinced that some news outlets put club names on darts, pictures of players on the wall, let fly, see what sticks, and go from there.

They also absolutely go back to the well with certain clubs and players when the #content runs dry. Arsenal were linked with William Carvalho for about eight consecutive windows. Thankfully we’ve (finally) moved past those days, although it seems as if links to Yves Bissouma might fill that particular position void. And Bissouma is a Pandora’s Box I would really prefer that Arsenal don’t open.

And you can bet that if Arsenal are linked with a player, a day or two later, Napoli will be “interested in” or “competing for” him, too. It’s like clockwork. Why? I haven’t the foggiest. Of all the clubs that they (the media, the agents, other clubs) could pit Arsenal against, they’ve chosen Napoli for...reasons.

So what are you favorite “throwback” Arsenal transfer rumors? The ones we kept hearing again and again but never happened (and weren’t ever happening). How about other, non-Arsenal persistent rumors? Who was always linked somewhere they never went?