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Thursday Cannon Fodder: summertime

Memorial Day Weekend Enjoyed On The Jersey Shore Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

This past week in D.C. felt like the first one of summer, weather-wise. It’s been unpleasantly hot and humid. The thunderstorms are coming. The pollen is out of control. All those not-so-great things about summer that you’d rather avoid.

But there are some pretty great parts about this time of year, too: jumping into a cold pool on a warm day, cookouts with friends, it stays light outside for much longer, and so on. For kids, school is out, you get to hang out with your friends, maybe go to camp (we were a BIG camp family — sports camp, sleep-away, you name it), and generally enjoy being a kid.

Lots of people take vacations in the summer. This year, I’m headed to Maine for a long weekend and Utah for a week. There may also be a beach week sprinkled in there somewhere.

So over to you: what’s your favorite part of summer / favorite summertime activity? Do you send your kids to camp? What types? Do you have any travel plans? Where ya headed?