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Friday Cannon Fodder: summer beats

Jimi Hendrix Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images

Summer and good music go hand in hand. Warm weather, cold beverages, and great tunes are a near unbeatable combination. Every artist wants to release the “song of the summer” the anthem that plays at pool parties and cookouts across the country.

It’s a bit early to say what will become the anthem this summer, and to be honest, I haven’t kept up with popular music lately. Oh man, I’ve become An Old, haven’t I?

Instead, I’ve been on a classic rock kick.* (Yeah, I’m definitely An Old). I realized that instead of listing some of the artists, I can just embed my personal Spotify playlist below. Like all of my playlists, it’s a work in progress that is actively edited every time I listen to it. And there’s always room for additions, too. If you feel like there is a missing song that fits the genre and vibe, by all means, let me know.

What has been on your rotation lately? What are your go-to summer beats? It’s been a while since we’ve had a “share your tunes” CF, so have at it, y’all. Happy Friday!

*Sidenote question: what even is classic rock at this point? When I was growing up, 60’s and 70’s rock was “classic” so by that definition, 90’s rock would be firmly in that category. Is it? Or is that just “90’s Rock” a genre unto itself?