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Report: Arsenal “close” to Alvaro Morata transfer

Yeah, no. Not buying this one for a second.

Juventus v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Arsenal are “close” to a transfer move for Alvaro Morata, if reports out of Spain are to be believed. The Gunners have supposedly bid £26m for the 29-year old striker. Currently owned by Atletico Madrid, Morata has spent last two seasons on loan at Juventus, scoring 32 goals over his last 92 appearances.

There is no way this report is accurate. Arsenal are not signing Alvaro Morata.

Somehow I don’t think an Arsenal club desperate for goals, whose manager explicitly said the most important trait in his next striker signing will be putting the ball in the net, are going to splash the cash on a player notorious for missing chances. Morata gets himself in good positions, gets a lot of chances, and misses far too many of them.

Further, a squad in the midst of a youth movement rebuild, a team that has already been down the near-30 year old striker route with very little success aren’t suddenly reversing course and doing it again.

To reiterate: this isn’t happening. This rumor is B.S. It’s so ridiculous I almost didn’t write about it, but it got enough traction that I felt like I had to rubbish it. Next.