IKTS: Two European finals, including the CL final opposing Liverpool to Real Madrid.

Arsenal took care of business. First a farcical situation, as a clear penalty necessitated an eternity to be awarded, but it was eventually expertly dispatched by Martinelli. The next goal came on a corner, with Martinelli slightly altering Saka's delivery, and Nketiah scoring. As half time was looming, poor defending allowed Everton to score. The second half was more exciting, with Cedric scoring (on a corner routine) from a Saka pass, followed by Gabriel, then finally Odegaard for a final score of 5-1. No illusions about the CL, as the noisy neighbors also scored five at Norwich, without conceding. Missing on fourth place goes back to the losses at Everton, at home to Brighton, at Southampton, and other wasted opportunities. Those three games were winnable, but we lost all three of them, mostly due to the fact that we did not have proper finishers. It will be the Europa League next season, a competition we can win. Manchester City came from two goals down to beat Aston Villa 3-2, to the consternation of Liverpool fans, in a game that inexplicably saw Martinez ask Gerrard for a day off. Liverpool, slow to get off the mark, still won 3-1 quite easily. Brentford inexplicably lost at home 1-2 against Leeds, after collecting two red cards, to relegate Burnley (with a far better goal difference as compared to Leeds) who lost at home to Newcastle by the same score. West Ham scored first at Brighton, but Brighton scored thrice, to deny the Europa Conference League bound Hammers a deserved spot at the Europa League. Crystal Palace went one-nil over Manchester United, who will be in the Europa League, despite a goal difference far inferior to West Ham. Chelsea won 2-1 at home against already relegated Watford. Finally, Leicester won easily 4-1 at home, against Southampton. The seven active participants combined for 55 points (for an average of 7 and 6/7 points per participant) and there was a very modest grand total of 4 correct IKTS predictions.

Scores for the week:

Geaux_HR 12 (2)
ben from portsmouth 11 (1)
skinnejay 8 (1)
Ray from Norfolk 8 (0)
ClevelandJames 6 (0)
hansdampf 5 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 5 (0)

Stars of the week: bGeaux_HR is first on 12 points (and two correct IKTS predictions) with ben from portsmouth in second on 11 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) and skinnejay in third on 8 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) but Ray from Norfolk is also on 8 points, but with no correct IKTS predictions.

Clever pick of the week: Only Geaux_HR predicted the exact score for Burnley versus Newcastle while only skinnejay predicted the correct score for Brentford versus Leeds. There were also two correct predictions for Liverpool versus Wolverhampton.

Crisis pick of the week: Some wishful thinking related picks, but no one should be blamed on the last day of the season.

Standings after week 38:

ClevelandJames 315 (33)
Sonny from Suffolk 295 (33)
skinnejay 294 (44)
Ray from Norfolk 284 (24)
Geaux_HR 281 (33)
hansdampf 278 (25)
ben from portsmouth 276 (29)
inthekcmix 152 (12)

The final standings show ClevelandJames as a clear winner while Sonny from Suffolk retains second place ahead of skinnejay (who boasts an incredible mark of 44 correct IKTS predictions) by a single point. Ray from Norfolk, Geaux_HR, hansdampf, and ben from portsmouth are separated by only 8 points. Finally, inthekcmix tool a sabbatical, but I hope to see all the participants back next season.

Cup games: None.

Cup standings:

Geaux_HR 47 (6)
skinnejay 46 (5)
Sonny from Suffolk 41 (2)
ben from portsmouth 40 (6)
hansdampf 40 (4)
Ray from Norfolk 33 (2)
ClevelandJames 29 (2)
inthekcmix 4 (0)

In the Cup standings, Geaux_HR is ahead of skinnejay by a single point and Sonny from Suffolk by six points.

Upcoming schedule:

Europa Conference League final: Wednesday May 25:

Roma - Feyenoord

Champions League final: Saturday May 28:

Liverpool - Real Madrid


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