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Monday Cannon Fodder: fun police

These idiots need a new hobby.

Krakow Airport During COVID-19 Pandemic Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The fun police were out again yesterday after Arsenal downed West Ham 2-1. It’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence in the British press. Arsenal win. The players hug, smile, thank the fans, and generally outwardly enjoy winning. Old farts (and opposing players) get bent out of shape (or performatively bent out of shape) about it.

I could do without it. The fun police bit, that is. The Arsenal winning part can stick around.

We’ll put aside the fact that Chris Sutton has specific receipts where he says that players should celebrate because football is meant to be fun. Because what’s a little hypocrisy and inconsistency among friends, right?

Jurgen Klopp theatrically fist pumps towards the supporters after every win. He’s been doing it for years, and the media love him for it. Why is this any different? Because it’s Arsenal? C’mon now, your bias is showing.

Players celebrating and being happy after a win is good. Expressing joy is good. Sports are meant to be fun. And if you still insist on being a killjoy, look at it from a footballing perspective. Connecting with the supporters creates a better atmosphere in the stadium and around the team. That helps the club win more games. Celebrating gets you more points.

These bloviating buffoons really need a new bit. Find something else to get all swollen, red in the face, and huffy about. I’m finished with you trying to suck the joy out of football. What a sad way to go through life.