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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: SPORCLE

Yes, Sporcle is back.

US-NEWS-FLA-SCHOOLS-LGBTQ-3-MI Jose A. Iglesias/El Nuevo Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

After a long-bemoaned hiatus (my Dad casually asking why I wasn’t doing Sporcle quizzes on Wednesday anymore, Wednesday Sporcle is back, baby. Today is a fun one - English Football Club or Computer Generated Club. The quiz was created by Dustin George-Miller, the site manager for Cartilage Free Captain several years ago when created the RGFL and wrote about it, which if you haven’t read, you should. They did a whole series. It was great.

I got 15/20 correct. Dustin (from Carty Free), who created the quiz five years ago, got a handful wrong himself. Some of the computer-generated clubs sound real, and some of the real clubs sound fake. Shout out to The Soccer Cooligans (who are funny and make great content) for helping me out with one — a recent TikTok of theirs poked fun at one of the actual club names, so I knew that particular absurd combination of words was a real club.

Good luck and godspeed. There are no useful hints today.