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Friday Cannon Fodder: verbotten

Don’t worry, this isn’t a (particularly) serious post.

Railway swing bridge in Bremerhaven to be dismantled Photo by Hauke-Christian Dittrich/picture alliance via Getty Images

It feels appropriate that I follow up yesterday’s Cannon Fodder with an important message in today’s CF: nobody cares about your bracket. Don’t tell them about your good picks. Don’t whine about it getting busted. The random people in your life couldn’t care less.

Before people “but what about” me into oblivion, of course there are caveats. Some friendships are based around sports. If that’s what you talk about with a person, feel free to talk about it with them. I know that some people are wired in a way that makes them talk extensively about topics that are of particular interest to them and not to others. That’s fine too. More generally, conversation and interacting with other humans is good, and if that’s the best way you can manage right now, go ahead. He said begrudgingly.

As always, live your life by the motto, “don’t yuck somebody’s yum” (if it isn’t hurting you). But as a rule, try not to dump your fantasy sports problems on others.

I feel like this is a more modern version of don’t show people too many pictures of your kids. Or talk about little Timmy and Emily and how they did [insert utterly mundane thing here]. And I know there is an entire discourse around that, too.

I think if you cut through the “old man yells at cloud” aspect of this, the core message is to think about others and show some consideration for their time, desires, and well-being. Yes, that applies even to things as basic as conversation topics.

What are some other topics that you really shouldn’t ramble on about with others?