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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: wheels and doors

Isolation Facilities Keep Bringing People In, Despite Alleged Fall In Contaminations In China Photo by Marc Fernandes/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Sometimes the internet is pretty good. Yes, it can be a hive of villainy and scum, especially if you’re in the wrong corners of it, but it can also give hours of entertainment, interesting information, distraction, and fun. The most absurd things go viral and dominate the conversation for a week — was the dress blue or gold, was that person saying “laurel” or “yanny,” and so on.

The recent debate that has taken over all the social media platforms is whether there are more wheels or doors in the world. I don’t know how that question came about. All I know is that you are either Team Wheels or Team Doors.

Whichever side you initially come down on, I guarantee it isn’t that simple. If you’re Team Wheels, did you think about cabinet doors? For those of you on Team Doors, did you forget that Power Wheels exist?

Where do you come down?