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Thursday Cannon Fodder: the best

Tributes For Archbishop Desmond Tutu Photo Illustration by Hollie Adams/Getty Images

What is the best (or most interesting) piece of journalism you’ve read recently? It doesn’t have to be football- or even sports-related. Just a well-told, interesting, and informative story.

Today’s CF is prompted by this story: FBI infiltrator spent 25 years unmasking Nazis, the Klan, and gangs. I stumbled across it this morning on Twitter, and it was enthralling. A fascinating guy, wild stories, and really well-written. 10/10 journalism. Would highly recommend for the next time you have 10-15 minutes to spend reading a longform article.

Speaking of longform, the article prompted me to swing back by, a site I used to check out weekly for interesting reads. It’s been a while so no stories jump immediately to mind, but I know that I have spent hours diving deep into topics I never thought I would find remotely interesting because of that website. And they do have a search function, so if you’re looking for sports longreads, they have you covered.

Please share the stuff you’ve enjoyed recently in the comments today. And as always, feel free to chat about whatever strikes your fancy.