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Thursday Cannon Fodder: self-care

DAX Drops Sharply, Recovers Following Greece Turmoil Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

This is your semi-regular reminder to take care of yourselves. Yesterday upsetting day in the world. There was distressing news internationally (war in Ukraine). There was distressing news domestically (several different things, which ones, exactly, are unimportant). It’s a lot of negative and not a whole lot positive, right now.

I hope that everyone is doing alright. I also hope that not too many of you were / are doomscrolling, although based on the number of people I saw admitting to it on social media last night, I’d wager that a decent number of you were.

It’s fine to do, although I wouldn’t exactly recommend it, but make sure you’re aware of the toll that it might be taking on you. And it’s okay to be hurting right now. It’s fine if you’re having a hard time focusing or getting things done. A war just started! It’s natural and human for that to affect you. You don’t have to soldier on as if everything is fine. If you need to and you can, take some time off to process.

Often the best thing to do during tough times is to log off. I understand the temptation to stay on Twitter or to leave the T.V. on the news. The need to feel constantly in the know with the latest updates is a powerful draw. But if it’s bringing you down or negatively affecting your mental state, push it away! There are things you cannot control, and sadly, most of the stuff going on right now falls into that category.

Take care of yourselves. Stay hydrated. Get some exercise. Give your brain a break. Enjoy Arsenal today.