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Saturday Cannon Fodder: looking back

PSV Eindhoven v Arsenal FC: Group A - UEFA Europa League Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Good morning, TSF. New Year’s Eve is upon us, and 2022 is drawing to a close. If you’re a regular CF reader, you’ll know that I periodically encourage y’all to brag on yourselves. It’s important to be proud of what we’ve done, and sharing things with a community to receive positive feedback for our accomplishments helps us keep going.

Tomorrow, January 1st, is for looking forward and setting goals for the coming year. December 31st is for looking back. Be like Martin Ødegaard in the header photo. Brag on yourself today. What’s something (or several somethings) that you’re happy / proud / pleased you did this year?

Nothing is too small or too big. It could be a personal or professional accomplishment, something good and fun you did with family and friends-related, whatever. If it’s a good thing you want to share, share away. And if it’s along the lines of “this year was tough, but I’m still here” that’s fantastic, too. Today is all about positivity, encouragement, and lifting each other up.