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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: Sporcle!


Happy Hump Day, TSFers. I hope that you’re treating the un-week between Christmas and New Years with the appropriate level of disregard for all responsibilities that it is due — that is to say as little as possible.

The last Sporcle of 2022 is Billboard Songs of the Year. It felt fitting to wrap up this year with something that looks back over the past 64 years. Why 64? Because 1958 was the first time they released the Billboard Hot 100 list. Fun fact: Billboard started publishing lists in 1913 with “Last Week’s Ten Best Sellers Among The Popular Songs” which was a list of best selling sheet music.

I expect some of the music-lovers and older heads around here to do reasonably well on this quiz. I do not expect to do nearly as well when I take it later today.

And my apologies for the late CF, the puppy had an upset stomach this morning. He’s totally fine now, went to his normal morning playtime and everything, but I did not particularly enjoy starting my day off on my knees scrubbing the floor. I wouldn’t trade it. Gunner is a great pup.