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Thursday Cannon Fodder: awareness

World Series - Houston Astros v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Good morning, TSF! Arsenal play today, it’s a good day. The Gunners need to win at the Emirates against FC Zurich, who’ve won one and lost four in the group, to guarantee topping the group. Mikel Arteta’s side also win the group if PSV Eindhoven do not win the group. The only way Arsenal do not win the group is if PSV win and they do not. Hopefully, the Gunners win at home and don’t leave anything to chance.

But that’s not what’s on my mind this morning. Arsenal are for later.

How aware are you of what is going on in other sports? For instance, if I hadn’t told you that the Astros no-hit the Phillies last night, would you have found out? Fun fact: it was just the second no-hitter in World Series history — the first happened in 1956. What’s even crazier is that the Astros managed it one game after the Phillies tied the World Series record for home runs in a game.

Would you have known that Dan Snyder hired Bank of America (hilarious referred to as BofA Securities in the team’s release, by the way) to explore selling the Washington Commanders / seeking minority investment? Most experts agree that the read between the lines of the move is that he’s fully selling if he gets an offer with a number he likes.

We’ve talked in the comments before about what other teams y’all root for, but this is a slightly different question. I’m curious how sports news aware you are, generally.