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Monday Cannon Fodder: World Cup Memories

Memories are fun!

France v Italy - FIFA World Cup Final 2006 Photo by Simon Bruty/Anychance/Getty Images

Happy second day of the not-at-all corrupt or backwards World Cup! Day two features a great lineup for US-based Gunners, as England kick starts the day against Iran and the USMNT ends it with their opening group stage match against Wales. While it’s a doubt that we see all four Arsenal players today, it’s still quite incredible to know that the lads get a chance to represent their country.

Each World Cup lends us plenty of memories, and each has it’s weirdness and quirkiness about it - Vuvuzelas still haunt my dreams - and this one will no doubt be remembered by the controversy surrounding it as much as the results on the pitch, but that’s also part and parcel of the strange charm of the World Cup.

Speaking of memories, I think its safe to say that each of us have something that stands out as THAT moment - the weird, the wild, the wonderful moment that is etched into their minds and is synonymous with the World Cup.

For me, a few come to mind. The last gasp winner by the USMNT against Algeria in 2010 was one of those that I will always remember with immense fondness. The US just could not seem to break down Algeria despite a few good chances. The match felt like one that was going to get away. And then, THAT play happened.

That whole series of play is something I can never forget, from Tim Howard’s stop and urgent pass, the build up, Altidore’s pass to Clint Dempsey, and Landon Donovan screaming in to put home Dempsey’s blocked shot, and the total euphoria that followed as they US punched their ticket to the knockouts at the death.

Conversely, I’ll never forget the knockout round match in 2014 against Belgium where Tim Howard stood on his head with 11 saves as he was bombarded with shot after shot. It was my 30th birthday, and I still will never forgive Chris Wondolowski for missing that sitter that should have sent us to the next round. Cest la vie, I guess.

So, what are your favorite personal World Cup memories? Give us your strange, your personal, your heart wrenching. It’s what we watch this wild game for, after all.