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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: quiz time


Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Hump Day! We’re halfway through another week. The online world is definitely heading in the wrong direction with my most-used, favorite social platform Twitter getting markedly worse. But it is what it is. We ride. I’ll stay on Twitter until I don’t (he’s 28 until he’s 29, you know) and soldier on.

Today’s Sporcle is almost definitely a repeat, but it’s a goodie. Name all the Big 4 US Sports Teams. I’m not concerned with repeating this one, either. It’s always good to flex the old brain / memory muscle to see if you can get ‘em all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can put in just the team names, you don’t need city, too.

I think the best way to go about this one is by division, i.e. name all the teams in the NFC East, then move on to the NFC South. If you’re struggling, look at the city / team combos you have in other sports to jog your memory as to whether that city has a team in one of the other sports, too.

Unrelated to today’s CF but something I wanted to share with y’all because it’s fantastic. Have a great day, y’all. Share your quiz results in the comments and also any online video shorts like this one that you’ve seen lately that made you smile.