IKTS World Cup 2022 Group stage.

Welcome to the IKTS World Cup 2022 competition. The rules are the same as usual, namely 3 points (plus one IKTS) for the exact score, 2 points for the correct outcome and correct goal difference, and 1 point for correct outcome, but not the correct score nor the correct goal difference. The World Cup will span four weeks, and the games will take place on the following dates:

Group stage: Sunday 11-20 to Friday 12-02
Round of 16: Saturday 12-03 to Tuesday 12-06
Quarter finals: Friday 12-09 and Saturday 12-10
Semi finals: Tuesday 12-13 and Wednesday 12-14
Third place: Saturday 12-17
Final: Sunday 12-18

So, a grand total of 64 games. This initial thread will deal with the group stage featuring eight groups of four, and the group is listed first on the schedule. I would like to urge all the participants to make predictions on one block of 16 games at a time. Then, please answer your own post with the additional predictions. So, I plan to follow this format and break down my own predictions for the group stage in 3 blocks of 16 games, but anything goes.

Group stage: Sunday 11-20 through Friday 12-02:

(A) Qatar - Ecuador
(A) Senegal - Netherlands
(B) England - Iran
(B) USA - Wales
(C) Argentina - Saudi Arabia
(C) Mexico - Poland
(D) Denmark - Tunisia
(D) France - Australia
(E) Germany - Japan
(E) Spain - Costa Rica
(F) Morocco - Croatia
(F) Belgium - Canada
(G) Switzerland - Cameroon
(G) Brazil - Serbia
(H) Uruguay - South Korea
(H) Portugal - Ghana

(A) Qatar - Senegal
(A) Netherlands - Ecuador
(B) Wales - Iran
(B) England - USA
(C) Poland - Saudi Arabia
(C) Argentina - Mexico
(D) Tunisia - Australia
(D) France - Denmark
(E) Japan - Costa Rica
(E) Spain - Germany
(F) Belgium - Morocco
(F) Croatia - Canada
(G) Cameroon - Serbia
(G) Brazil - Switzerland
(H) South Korea - Ghana
(H) Portugal - Uruguay

(A) Ecuador - Senegal
(A) Netherlands - Qatar
(B) Wales - England
(B) Iran - USA
(C) Poland - Argentina
(C) Saudi Arabia - Mexico
(D) Australia - Denmark
(D) Tunisia - France
(E) Japan - Spain
(E) Costa Rica - Germany
(F) Croatia - Belgium
(F) Canada - Morocco
(G) Serbia -Switzerland
(G) Cameroon - Brazil
(H) Ghana - Uruguay
(H) South Korea - Portugal

COYG! We have ten Arsenal players involved: Ramsdale, Saka, and White with England, Jesus and Martinelli with Brazil, Turner with the USNMT, Tomiyasu with Japan, Partey with Ghana, Saliba with France, and finally Xhaka who captains Switzerland.

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