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Monday Cannon Fodder: favorite foods

Meat counter in the supermarket Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

Happy Monday, TSF. After a bit of a break from Cannon Fodder, I’m back with a vengeance. Okay, maybe not. I’m just back. We’ll have the Premier League matchweek recap tomorrow because we’ve got West Ham - Bournemouth today, and what kind of person would I be if I didn’t give the Hammers and the Cherries their due?

My GF came back from a weekend in NYC last night and as is tradition / requirement in my family, which I guess now extends to her because we’ve been together so long, she brought back corned beef and pastrami from a Jewish deli. She was on Long Island, so it didn’t come from the 2nd Avenue Deli, but it was still fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches on rye bread with spicy mustard.

I’m not entirely sure how my family developed an affinity for that particular deli because my grandparents grew up in the Bronx not Manhattan, but I do know that every time I’ve been up in NYC with family, we’ve gone.

We do something similar with always getting Po Boys from a particular place in Baton Rouge (it might be Drusilla Seafood, that just popped into my head) when we visit my mom’s side of the family, but you can’t really bring them back from Louisiana to D.C. Not the type of food that travels all that well.

Do y’all have a food like that — one you always get when you’re in a particular place or have someone bring back for you? Or a particular restaurant that you go to when you visit home?