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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: Geography Quiz

Climate Change melts ice and glaciers in Arctic Photo by Ozge Elif Kizil/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, TSF. You made it to another Hump Day [insert GEICO camel commercial here]. Today’s Sporcle is inspired by Arsenal’s trip north of the Arctic Circle to the tiny town of Bodø. It’ll be the first match the club has played north of the Arctic Circle, which is a neat little fact, although I’m not sure how many clubs are located that far north. A quick Google tells me there are two others in Norway and a handful in Finland, including FC Santa Claus.

The Sporcle today is a geography quiz. You have to match club with city — you’re given both — but you have a limited number of incorrect answers and the time bank is short. Once again, the quiz is here.

Some fun facts about Bodø. It has a population of nearly 56,000, or put differently, less than the capacity of the Emirates Stadium. It’s the home of Nord University, a 12,000 student undergraduate and graduate school. It’s somewhat of a military town, with a historically important air base in the region. The base serves as the location for the Cold Response, a biennial NATO drill hosted by Norway. Gary Powers, the U.S. pilot shot down in the U-2 Crisis in 1960 (depicted in the movie Bridge of Spies), was flying to Bodø from Pakistan.

Bodø is the northernmost city in the world, but it has a temperate, four-season climate as opposed to a subarctic one. Put differently, there are other cities that aren’t quite as far north that are significantly colder. In October, the record high is 65.8 F, the average high 46.2 F, the average temperature 42.1 F, the average low 39 F, and the record low 17.2 F. Bodø has midnight sun in the summer, with 44 consecutive days with the sun above the horizon from June to July. The perpetual light actually lasts several days longer than that.

Isn’t the internet fantastic?