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The Shirt Fuse: Arsenal to wear white out kit in FA Cup clash

The Gunners will wear special kits for knife violence awareness on Sunday

Credit: Arsenal Football Club

Ever since adidas has taken over as Arsenal’s kit maker in 2019, they have created a seemingly endless line of unique kits for the North London side, collaborating with the likes of Pharrell Williams, 424, and even the London Underground for stylish one-offs that look cool and make both the club and the manufacturer a little richer.

During Saturday’s FA Cup match against Nottingham Forrest, the Gunners will be sporting another limited edition look with the players sporting a white out kit. However, this kit is far different than the rest, both in style and purpose, as this kit will be worn to raise awareness about the increasing number of knife-related crimes in London via the No More Red campaign.

The stark kits are not just bold in look, but in message. Over the last year, 27 teenagers have been stabbed to death in London, the highest total on record. Arsenal legend Ian Wright and actor Idris Elba have joined forces with the Arsenal and adidas to be a spokespeople for the movement, which seeks to address and fix the dangerous problem affecting the London community where both of the celebrities grew up.

Like many larger metropolitan areas around the world, a lack of after-school activities and positive outlets has left a massive void of guidance and mentorship for many of London’s teens. One of the main emphasis of the No More Red campaign is to provide more opportunities for constructive activities in an effort to keep teenagers off the streets and out of harm’s way.

From a style standpoint, the kits themselves are sleek in their simplicity and sure to turn heads. Adidas has been masterful in crafting kits that draw in the attention of the fans, and these are sure to do the same. But, more importantly, these kits are not about style or profit - they are about awareness. The ten white outfield kits worn on Sunday will be the only ones made and will be awarded to individuals and groups that have made notable contributions to preventing knife violence in London following the match.

This gesture is a massive moment for the club and the community, and an important opportunity to remind the larger audience about the issues that the game helps us all escape.

North London will always be red, but for one afternoon, the Arsenal community will be happy to be without their beloved color as they strive to combat the destructive knife violence in their community.