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Saturday Cannon Fodder: a (not so) snowy dud


At the risk of sounding insensitive to those of y’all up in New England getting blizzard-ed right now, the storm was a total dud here in D.C. We got barely a dusting. Some predictions had us as high as 4-6 inches, but I guess the system stayed further east and mostly missed us. Apparently we’re just going to have a cold, windy Saturday, which is the pits.

I’m bummed. I like snow. I like looking at it. I like the feeling of a “snow day” even though I’ve been out of school for years. I like the feeling and sound of it crunching under my feet. I even enjoy shoveling it (to a extent - once it gets over a certain amount, it’s a pain).

For our New Englanders, I hope you’re staying warm and safe. Don’t overdo it shoveling, although I’m guessing at least some of you have snowblowers because you get more regular use of one compared to those of us further south.

On overdoing it shoveling: that’s a fun thing I’ve discovered as I’ve gotten older. That you can injure yourself shoveling snow. Or doing anything, really. I took a Peloton boxing class for the first time last night (which was great, I loved it), but when it came time to stretch after the class, I got a hamstring cramp that I’m still feeling the lingering effects of twelve hours later. I guess the constant bouncing in the boxers stance did not agree with me.

For discussion: how much snow are y’all getting right now? More generally, what are some memories of epic snowstorms you’ve lived through?