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Friday Cannon Fodder: confused

Scottish schoolboy dressed in a kilt and woollen threequarter hose (socks) puzzling over the writing on his slate. Slate and chalk were widespread writing materials in schools, rather than paper and pencil. The slate could be wiped clean and written on ag... Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images

I went to sleep last night thinking that today would be January 31st and that the transfer window would be closing. I was thinking about which last minute moves might pop up, thinking about Arsenal’s needs, and what I was going to write to summarize the window.

But today isn’t January 31st. It’s January 28th. The transfer window doesn’t close for three more days.

I have no idea why my mind did this. None whatsoever.

Fortunately, this particular brain fart didn’t cost me anything. I didn’t miss a meeting or an appointment. I didn’t miss a flight. Or a birthday or a date. Instead, I got some fodder (cwutididthere?) for the Friday off-topic post.

For discussion today: have you ever confused the date (or day of the week or time of day) that caused you to miss something? Either hilariously or devastatingly, I don’t really care. Tell on yourself so that was can laugh / commiserate.