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Friday Cannon Fodder: who has the time

In which I discuss a minor annoyance.

Houses Of Parliament Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images

You know what is a minor annoyance? Clocks that don’t keep time accurately. From my desk, I can see four clocks (five if you count my phone): the one on my computer, the one on the cable box, and two in the kitchen - microwave and coffeemaker. I currently see three different times. My phone, computer, and cable box, the three things connected to the internet, have what I assume is the correct time. The microwave has a different time, as does the coffeemaker.

Clearly the kitchen appliances, somewhere down the line, lost the ability to properly keep time. Both devices are losing time - that is they are behind the actual time. It’s probably just a fraction of a second per minute, but over time, that adds up. I could figure out how much time they were losing by resetting them to the correct time and then checking back tomorrow or in a few days, but who has the time or energy for that.

Nor do I have the time or energy to consistently reset those clocks either. It’s just not worth my time. It’s a little annoying but not annoying enough to fix. I’m resigned to the fact that they will just be wrong in perpetuity. Most of the time, I subconsciously know that those clocks have the wrong time, but occasionally I’ll be distracted and have a mini-panic attack because it’s 5 or 10 minutes later than I wanted to leave to get somewhere on time.

What are some of the minor annoyances in your day-to-day life?

Also, the word “time” appears 17 times in this post. Tempus fugit.