IKTS Week 22: A visit to the noisy neighbors and a home game against Liverpool in the EFL Cup.

With Everton versus Leicester being postponed due to the pandemic, there were only two fixtures earlier this week. Southampton had their best display of the season, beating Brentford 4-1 convincingly. The other game saw West Ham beating Norwich 2-0, confirming the Canaries as prime candidates for relegation. We had eight games for gameday 21, plus two previously postponed catch up games, for a total of ten games. The eight participants combined for 67 points, for an average of 8 and 3/8 points per participant, and we had a grand total of six correct IKTS predictions.

Scores for the week:

Geaux_HR 11 (2)
hansdampf 10 (1)
ClevelandJames 10 (0)
skinnejay 9 (2)
inthekcmix 8 (1)
ben from portsmouth 7 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 6 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 6 (0)

Stars of the week: Geaux_HR is first on 11 points (and two correct IKTS predictions) with hansdampf in second on 10 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) and ClevelandJames in third also on 10 points (but no correct IKTS predictions) while skinnejay is right behind.

Clever pick of the week: Only hansdampf predicted the exact score for Brentford versus Aston Villa. There were also two correct predictions for Chelsea versus Liverpool and another three for West Ham versus Norwich.

Crisis pick of the week: Another collective crisis as none of the participants would dare predict a win for Wolverhampton away at Manchester United.

Standings after week 21:

ClevelandJames 169 (19)
skinnejay 163 (26)
Sonny from Suffolk 156 (18)
Ray from Norfolk 149 (11)
Geaux_HR 148 (16)
hansdampf 141 (12)
ben from portsmouth 134 (14)
inthekcmix 117 (6)

After Week 21, ClevelandJames leads skinnejay by six points and Sonny from Suffolk by thirteen points.

Cup games: Arsenal slumped to an ignominious defeat in the FA Cup at Nottingham due to late goal, failing to score, playing in a very disjointed manner. None of the participants picked any points. The away leg of the EFL ("Carabao") Cup in Liverpool produced a goalless draw despite Arsenal losing Xhaka to a red card in the middle of the first half. Two participants, inthekcmix and ben from portsmouth, get two points each for guessing the correct outcome and correct goal difference (obviously, it is a draw after all) but not the exact score.

Cup standings:

ben from portsmouth 7 (1)
Geaux_HR 7 (1)
ClevelandJames 6 (0)
hansdampf 5 (0)
inthekcmix 4 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 4 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 3 (0)
skinnejay 3 (0)

In the Cup standings, ben from portsmouth and Geaux_HR lead ClevelandJames by a single point.

Upcoming schedule:

Week 23: Friday January 14, Saturday January 15, Sunday January 16, Tuesday January 18, and Wednesday January 19:

Brighton - Crystal Palace
Manchester City - Chelsea
Burnley - Leicester
Newcastle - Watford
Norwich - Everton
Wolverhampton - Southampton
Aston Villa - Manchester United
Liverpool - Brentford
West Ham - Leeds
Tottenham - Arsenal
Burnley - Watford
Brighton - Chelsea
Leicester - Tottenham
Brentford - Manchester United

Cup game: EFL semifinal home game on Thursday January 20:

Arsenal - Liverpool