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Thursday Cannon Fodder: it’s back

Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The NFL returns to action tonight with the Dallas Cowboys taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’m a much bigger soccer and hockey fan than football, but the NFL is in a comfortable third (if you don’t count semi-regular events like golf and tennis majors, Olympics, etc.). Basically, as a noted sports-watcher, I’m excited the NFL is back.

For me, there’s not much better than waking up on a Sunday to watch two Premier League matches then spending most of the rest of the day watching the other football. It’s particularly nice with DVR. I can run errands and get other stuff done while games record, watch them when they fit into my day, AND jump through the commercials.

I know we’ve got some NFL fans here, so sound off in the comments. I’m woefully not up to date on who has looked good in the preseason, which teams are projected to do what, and all that. So let me know how you’re feeling about your team this season, and I’ll go off that. Please don’t abuse this “power” — and I’ve got some common sense — I’m not going to believe you if you try to tell me the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl.