IKTS Week: At home to the noisy neighbors.

Odegaard scored an amazing free kick at Burnley for a one nil to the Arsenal that saw the defense, in particular Gabriel, show poise and resilience. This is the first game Arsenal bettered their result from last season. Newcastle tied Leeds 1-1 in a game that saw two nice goals, in particular the Saint-Maximin gem that capped an excellent individual display. Wolverhampton lost at home 0-2 to Brentford despite a decent performance. Liverpool took care of Crystal Palace 3-0 with Aston Villa achieving the same result against Everton while Chelsea had the same score line at the noisy neighbor's toilet bowl. Manchester City huffed and puffed at home to Southampton and neither team scored in the only real surprise of the week. Norwich only scored a single goal while Watford scored three for a win on the road. Brighton won 2-1 against Leicester in a tight game. Finally, Manchester United were not granted a penalty that appeared obvious to me, then West Ham were given a penalty that was saved, translating in a 2-1 win on the road for United. Overall, the eight participants scored 61 points, for an average of 7 and 5/8 per participant, and there were seven correct IKTS predictions.

Scores for the week:

ben from portsmouth 10 (0)
inthekcmix 9 (2)
skinnejay 9 (2)
ClevelandJames 7 (1)
hansdampf 7 (1)
Geaux_HR 7 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 6 (1)
Ray from Norfolk 6 (0)

Stars of the week: ben from portsmouth is first on 10 points (but no correct IKTS predictions) with inthekcmix and skinnejay in second on 9 points (and two correct IKTS predictions each) but the others are not too far behind.

Clever pick of the week: Only ClevelandJames predicted the exact score for Brentford-Leicester. Otherwise, there were two correct predictions for each of Newcastle-Leeds, Liverpool-Crystal Palace, and West Ham-Manchester United.

Crisis pick of the week: A collective crisis as nobody predicted the outcome of Manchester City-Southampton, but who would complain?

Standings after week 4:

ClevelandJames 45 (5)
hansdampf 41 (4)
Sonny from Suffolk 40 (3)
Geaux_HR 39 (4)
skinnejay 37 (6)
Ray from Norfolk 35 (1)
ben from portsmouth 34 (2)
inthekcmix 30 (3)

After Week 5, ClevelandJames leads hansdampf by 4 points and Sonny from Suffolk by 5 points.

Cup game: Arsenal cruised to a routine 3-0 win at home to Wimbledon with a Lacazette penalty, a scrappy goal by Smith-Rowe, and a clever back heel by Nketiah. Only ben from portsmouth had the exact score, but the other participants get a point each for the correct outcome, but not the exact score or correct goal difference.

Cup standings:

ben from portsmouth 4 (1)
ClevelandJames 2 (0)
Geaux_HR 2 (0)
hansdampf 2 (0)
skinnejay 2 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 2 (0)
inthekcmix 1 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 1 (0)

Upcoming schedule:

Week 6: Saturday September 25, Sunday September 26, and Monday September 27:

Chelsea - Manchester City
Manchester United - Aston Villa
Everton - Norwich
Leeds - West Ham
Leicester - Burnley
Watford - Newcastle
Brentford - Liverpool
Southampton - Wolverhampton
Arsenal - Tottenham
Crystal Palace - Brighton