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Friday Cannon Fodder: North London Derby memories

Footballer Cliff Jones Photo by Jones/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Sunday’s North London Derby has me thinking back over some of the best moments, the ones that really stick out from NLD’s past. There are plenty of them that come time mind, so I’ll share a couple. For whatever reason, “memory lane” and “NLD’s past” made me think of A Christmas Carol, so were going with the ghost of NLD’s past, present, and future.

The Ghosts of NLDs Past

The best moment from my lifetime (but not my fandom, it predates my Arsenal support) has to be this one. This goal always comes up when you ask people about great Arsenal goals. Heck, it’s immortalized in bronze outside the Emirates! Look at that run from Thierry Henry — it’s pure him.

The best moment from my fandom has to be Theo Walcott’s 2-0 gesture at the Spurs traveling support as he’s being stretchered off the pitch. The wry smile on his face as he trolls fans who are raining coins and debris down at him will stick with me forever.

Ghosts of NLD Present

So I’m playing fast and loose with the word “present” here for obvious reasons. We’re going with “the recent past” as a stand-in. Two memories stick out — the Lucas Torreira goal and Aaron Ramsey’s response to Eric Dier shushing the crowd at the Emirates.

Ghosts of NLD Future

I was going to write a fan-fic account of a brilliant future goal that, like, Thierry Henry’s son scores assisted by Ian Wright’s grandson or summat. But that felt a bit weird.

Instead, I’ll remind you that future North London Derbies should be fun. Enjoy supporting Arsenal. I look forward to whatever future moments etch themselves into my memory.

What are some of your favorite North London Derby moments or matches?