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Friday Cannon Fodder: Fall

It’s that time of year.

Kempton Races Photo by Alan Crowhurst/ Getty Images

Decorative gourds, pumpkin spice, turning leaves, football (the American sort) — hallmark signs that fall is upon us. Here in D.C., we’ve started to get some fall-adjacent temperatures (before it goes back up into the 90’s next week — climate change, it’s going great folks), and I’ve been eyeing the box with my sweaters in it, itching to break them out.

I love fall. Easily in my top four seasons of the year.

You’ll note that in the opening paragraph I listed “decorative gourds” first. That was intentional. One of the best articles in the history of the internet was written about decorative gourds. If you aren’t familiar, it’s going to make your day. Check it out here.

Fall also has perhaps my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving is a fall holiday. If you think it is in winter you are wrong. Does anybody actually think that?

And pumpkin spice is delicious. That’s another thing you’re welcome to be loud and wrong online about. I’ll happily tell each and every one of you, individually, that you’re wrong. Try me.