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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: the day after Sporcle

Japan v New Zealand: Men’s Football Quarterfinal - Olympics: Day 8 Photo by Kaz Photography/Getty Images

The transfer window has closed. Other than a few potential outgoings — younger players on loans to lower leagues in the English pyramid, sales to one of of the few leagues whose window is still open (like Turkey, links to Mohamed Elneny), this Arsenal team is what we’ve got until the January window opens.

I wanted to give y’all a transfer window quiz that was specifically Arsenal related, but they were woefully inadequate on Sporcle. So we have Highest Transfer Fees. The quiz only covers through 2019, so Jack Grealish to City and Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea are NOT on there, and there is probably one or two others that should make the list but are slipping my mind at the moment.

If you really need a tip for this one, just start typing good players’ names who have recently moved, but I think most of you will do pretty well regardless.