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Monday Cannon Fodder: relaxing

UK Daily Life 2021 Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images

In case you don’t follow TSF on Twitter (where I posted a lovely picture yesterday) I’m on vacation in North Carolina this week. Not that it will have much of an impact on my posting or the site’s Arsenal coverage. But it does get me to today’s CF topic.

As I sit here, looking out at the ocean, being half-lulled to sleep by the gentle crash of the waves coming in, I feel pretty darn relaxed and at peace with the world. It may still be very much on fire (quite literally in some places, sadly), but in my small corner of the world things are nice and calm.

What do you do to relax? What is your usual distraction from the vagaries of everyday life?

My go-to is turning on a sitcom, usually one I’ve seen before, and turning off my brain. I’ll often mindlessly scroll through Twitter or Instagram too. Super original and unique in today’s society, right? But hey, it works for me.

Let today’s CF also serve as a reminder / permission to take some time to yourself to relax and do something you want to do and to do it for you. I know it can be difficult and you may feel like you don’t have the space between whatever your other commitments are — family, partner, job, pets — but try. Even if it’s 30 minutes, or just 15, focus on yourself. You’re important and taking care of you is too.

In case you weren’t fully aware (and I empathize because it hadn’t really set in for me until a few days ago), the season starts on Friday. Seems like the kind of thing you ought to know and we ought to tell you as an Arsenal blog. We’ve got a bunch of season preview stuff coming this week, both serious and fun. So be on the lookout.