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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: hot bean juice

Cafe features black-and-white comic book-styled interior at Moscow’s Flacon Design Factory Photo by Artyom Geodakyan\TASS via Getty Images

Like many of you, I am a daily coffee drinker. I wasn’t one until after college, sometime in my mid-20’s, but now it’s everyday. A cup or two in the morning and often a cup sometime in the afternoon, although some days I’ll have tea.

Coffee works particularly well for waking up on those Saturday / Sunday mornings to watch several hours of Premier League football. Helps jump-start the brain so that my thoughts are more than “he kick good” when I share them with y’all on Twitter.

Usually, I go for the cheap grocery store stuff, make a large batch of cold brew concentrate, and add water. But I’ve been hankering for something a little classier that has more taste. Fortunately, making cold brew takes most of the bitterness out of cheap coffee, but on the days when I want my morning beverage hot, I’m in trouble.

So I’m looking for coffee recommendations. What do you drink every day?