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Sunday Cannon Fodder: PL open thread

Two more matches to close out Matchweek 1.

Manchester City v Leicester City - The FA Community Shield Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Just two more games before Matchweek 1 is in the books (no Monday match this week for whatever reason - maybe because of the Arsenal-Brentford tilt on Friday). City-Spurs is the marquee matchup of the weekend, so naturally it’ll end up being a boring, City drubbing and Newcastle vs. West Ham will be the far more interesting game. That’s just how it works y’all, I don’t make the rules.

9 am ET, Newcastle vs. West Ham, NBCSN

11:30 am ET, Tottenham vs. Manchester City, NBCSN

I’ll be watching to see if Harry Kane celebrates against his future team if he scores. I can’t recall a player ever finding himself in that situation. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it. On the other side of things, Pep Guardiola commented on City’s spending and tried to “explain” how they are able to spend so much.

Sorry Pep, nobody is buying it. You’ve spent nearly £1B since joining the club. Your owners are pouring money into the team in ways that most people would prefer aren’t allowed. Even if you haven’t violated the letter of the FFP and Premier League spending regulations, you’ve definitely violated the spirit of them. Your club and your owners are ruining the game financially (and on the pitch, in many ways). You’re the bad guys. Just own it.