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Friday Cannon Fodder: getting to know you

It’s that time of year again!

The Premier League season starts today with Arsenal visiting newly-promoted Brentford. That means it is time for our annual “Getting to Know You” CF. In the comments, please tell us a little bit about yourself, whatever you want to share — where you’re from, other favorite sports teams, favorite food, origin of your SBNation name, where you went to school, if you have any pets, non-sports hobbies, your favorite vacation you’ve ever taken, or any other fun facts to know and share about yourself. Use your imagination!

I’ll get us started.

I’m Aaron, your friendly site manager here at The Short Fuse. I’ve been writing for the site for several years now and this will be my second full season in charge. Like Mikel Arteta, I took over mid-season, and coincidentally, did so a few weeks after he did. I’m from the Washington, D.C. area (Maryland side) and live there currently. I went to Duke undergraduate, so I cheer for the Blue Devils. I also cheer for LSU football because my mother’s family is from Baton Rouge.

I played both soccer and hockey growing up, but when it came time to make the choice between the two, I picked hockey. I’m a lifelong Washington Capitals fan, and also casually follow the other D.C.-based teams. I grew up cheering for the Orioles but switched allegiances when the Nationals came to town (and Peter Angelos had conveniently run that club into the ground). I’m a bit of a sports junkie — I’ll watch pretty much anything if it’s competitive and on television. I also enjoy gaming and esports, particularly the Blizzard games, but the recent news of a toxic, sexist work culture there has me questioning that allegiance.

I’m sure when y’all talk about yourselves I’ll think of other things that I should have shared, but that should get us started. Looking forward to meeting (or re-meeting) all of you!