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Thursday Cannon Fodder: T-minus one day

FBL-EUR-C1-ARSENAL-OLYMPIAKOS-STADIUM Photo credit should read GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images

The Premier League season starts tomorrow. We’ve made it. Our long sports-free nightmare is over. We survived the week.

It really feels like football, and major sports in general, have been on a non-stop bender since Project Restart and the U.S.-league bubbles last summer. And if you and I are starting to feel a little bit of burnout, imagine how the players feel. Hopefully the trend of athletes speaking up and taking care of their mental health continues and if some of the PL footballers, or continental ones, or any athlete needs a break, he or she feels more able to seek the needed care now than in the past.

Shifting gears - how’re you feeling about the season? I know asked for your prognostications in the predictions piece yesterday, but feel free to share them here today as well. Who is going to surprise us, Arsenal or otherwise? Who is going to struggle more than expected? Use today’s CF is an open thread to discuss anything and everything you think is going to happen this Premier League season.

Side note: my apologies that CF wasn’t up earlier this morning. A 9-month old, already quite large Japanese Akita named Atlas that is spending the week with us at the beach was quite eager for scratches and belly rubs, and I had to oblige.