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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: favorite

Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

I think I’ve come up with a CF question that we’ve never had before, or at least I know that I haven’t asked it. I’m very proud of myself for this, by the way. What was your favorite Arsenal season that you were a fan?

I can’t say 2003-04, although I’m confident had I been following the club then, it probably would be my favorite season. But I wasn’t an Arsenal fan then, nor did I follow the Premier League at all. I played soccer in school. I knew the big teams from general awareness of the sport and I knew the big players from international soccer. But I was in high school, and my focus was, well let’s just say it was elsewhere.

I’m going with 2015-16, even though it ended so disappointingly — the Gunners fumbled away a PL title that they had a legitimate shot to win, and at one point, arguably had the inside track. It was so much fun to be in the race for so long. And that team was fun to watch - Santi, Mesut, Alexis, Aaron Ramsey, et. Al. The Flamini brace against Spurs. The Welbeck late winner against Leicester, which may be my favorite Arsenal goal (that I watched live) ever. So many fantastic moments that year.

How about you?