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Arsenal 2021/22 third kit photos leak

We’d already seen them, but better pictures just hit the internet.

More pictures of the Arsenal 2021-22 blue away kit leaked online. Twitter user @iemadAFC posted four pictures two days ago showing a clearer, better lit version of the new kit for this season. It’s the pattern that we’ve seen before and shot in the style that you usually see for official kit photos.

A few things stand out to me: the lightning pattern is a callback to the ‘94 and ‘95 Nike blue kits that both featured a much larger, blue bolt pattern. The reddish accents on the pattern are new and add some pop and pizzazz that the 90’s jerseys lacked. The inside collar has the “Arsenal is for Everyone” logo, which I really like.

I like the kit.

I’ve had some fun joking about it on Twitter because it definitely does look like an elementary school classroom carpet. Or something you’d find in a bowling alley. Or that weirdly fuzzy, always ripped cloth on bus seats. But I think that throwback to the late-80’s / early to mid-90’s aesthetic (what were we thinking, by the way) is what gives the kit an appeal. It feels familiar, even if that familiarity is to lukewarm (at best) memories.

Once the kit is officially released, we’ll have ref-links where, if you’re so inclined, you can buy one and help TSF out (just a little) in doing so.