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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: break over

Japan v Canada: Women’s Football - Olympics: Day -2 Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images

I hope y’all enjoyed your week-ish break from major international sporting competition, although those of you watching the Gold Cup basically haven’t had a break. But it’s over now. Olympic competition got underway last night with, among other things, women’s soccer and softball. Sidenote: I watched some of the Women’s College World Series earlier this summer: it was super fun and I’d highly recommend watching the U.S. team as they return to Olympic competition (softball was dropped from the Olympic schedule for a few cycles).

The U.S. women’s soccer team got beat, convincingly, by Sweden last night. The U.S. looked a bit disorganized / not on the same page. Sweden looked really good — organized and structured with great pressure on the ball and seemingly an answer for everything the U.S. tried to do. The biggest bright spot for the U.S. starters was Crystal Dunn, which won’t surprise regular followers of the women’s game. What probably will surprise you is that I disagree strongly with Arlo White and Julie Foudy (or maybe that’s not surprising, either) who both thought Dunn struggled.

And now we’ve got two-and-a-half weeks of Olympic action. You’ve got that same amount of time of Olympic commentary from me in Cannon Fodder. Get excited for both. What are you looking forward to most about the Olympics — a particular athlete, a specific event, an uncommon sport?