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Thursday Cannon Fodder: celebrity moments

147th Kentucky Derby Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Today’s CF is inspired by an interaction I had on Twitter yesterday. A person that I follow who was formerly in sports media, now in esports development commented on Bob Baffert being suspended from entering horses in the Kentucky Derby (or any races held at Churchill Downs) following the confirmation of the positive drug test for Medina Spirit, the horse he trained that won the derby last month.

She said that the suspension didn’t surprise her at all, mostly because she really didn’t like the guy because of a brief, random interaction they had several years ago where he was a jerk to her in passing.

How many of you have had a chance encounter with a celebrity / athlete / public figure in the wild that left you really disliking them. What happened?

On the flip side, have you ever ran into a celeb and had an interaction that left you thinking, “that’s a really cool dude?”