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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: pets

Spring weather May 31st 2021 Photo by Liam McBurney/PA Images via Getty Images

Every morning when I wake up, I check my personal Twitter (which has its fair share of Arsenal follows) for inspiration for the day’s Cannon Fodder. Well, today didn’t really have much to get the juices flowing, other than a home in a particularly ritzy part of D.C. going for $1M over asking price. But I don’t want to talk about that.

Instead, I realized I don’t think we’ve ever talked amongst ourselves about pets. I don’t know which of you have them, what kind, and all that good stuff. So out with it in the comments, and if you can figure out how, drop a picture too!

I don’t have any pets and haven’t ever owned one because with all the sports practices my sister and I had growing up, my parents felt like there wouldn’t be enough time to appropriately take care and play with one. But my girlfriend had a dog growing up, and her dad just got an absolutely adorable and fun Japanese Akida. She’s on my case about getting a dog ourselves, too. We’ll get one eventually.