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Arsenal 2021-2022 Premier League schedule released

Let’s get way too worked up about a list of fixtures!

Arsenal v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Alastair Grant - Pool/Getty Images

The Premier League released the full 2021-22 schedule today. The 38-match PL season forms the majority of Arsenal’s matches this season with the club out of European competition for the first time in 25 years. As usual, the Carabao Cup will run from early in the season through the end of February, but Arsenal will enter the competition a round earlier than we are used to because the Gunners are not in Europe. The FA Cup will run from early January through May.

The first North London Derby is relatively early this season, the Gunners host Spurs on September 25th. The away NLD is in mid-January. No portion of the schedule looks quite as intimidating knowing that the Gunners will have more time off in the midweek than usual, and they’ve avoided drawing a brutal Christmas period.

The less-congested schedule means Mikel Arteta has more time during the week to coach ‘em up and focus on getting the tactics right for the Premier League matches. But it also means that there will be even more pressure to get results in the Premier League, both to fight for a Champions League spot and because there aren’t “easier” Europa League matches to help turn around a bad run of form.

Reminder: the three promoted teams are Brentford, Norwich City, and Watford.


14: Brentford (a) - 3pm
21: Chelsea (h) - 3pm
28: Manchester City (a) - 3pm


11: Norwich City (h) - 3pm
18: Burnley (a) - 3pm
25: Tottenham (h) - 3pm


2: Brighton (a) - 3pm
16: Crystal Palace (h) - 3pm
23: Aston Villa (h) - 3pm
30: Leicester City (a) - 3pm


6: Watford (h) - 3pm
20: Liverpool (a) - 3pm
27: Newcastle United (h) - 3pm
30: Manchester United (a) - 8pm


4: Everton (a) - 3pm
11: Southampton (h) - 3pm
14: West Ham (h) - 7.45pm
18: Leeds United (a) - 3pm
26: Norwich City (a) - 3pm
28: Wolves (h) - 3pm


1: Manchester City (h) - 3pm
15: Tottenham (a) - 3pm
22: Burnley (h) - 3pm


8: Wolves (a) - 7.45pm
12: Chelsea (a) - 3pm
19: Brentford (h) - 3pm
26: Liverpool (h) - 3pm


5: Watford (a) - 3pm
12: Leicester City (h) - 3pm
19: Aston Villa (a) - 3pm


2: Crystal Palace (a) - 3pm
9: Brighton (h) - 3pm
16: Southampton (a) - 3pm
23: Manchester United (h) - 3pm
30: West Ham (a) - 3pm


7: Leeds United (h) - 3pm
15: Newcastle United (a) - 3pm
22: Everton (h) - 4pm