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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: favorite kits


We’ve entered the 2021-22 kit leak season. That’s kind of like the silly season in a few ways: a bunch of stuff is at least sort of made up, people get super excited about it, and it never really ends. As you probably saw on the TSF homepage, Arsenal’s third kit leaked, although it’s more of a mock-up than an out and out leak.

I like it. I’m partial to throwback / callback kits (see e.g. the bruised banana). And being partial to it creates a point of tension for me — I firmly believe red clubs shouldn’t wear blue and vice-versa. So liking a blue kit for Arsenal has me a bit confused.

Anyways. A bunch of other clubs have had their 2021-22 kits leaked as well. Some look pretty sweet, some look pretty terrible. Have you seen any that you like? What are some of your all-time favorites that you like to see a club throwback / callback?