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Thursday Cannon Fodder: shiny, new toys

Pokemon-themed Activity In Fuzhou Photo by Li Nanxuan/China News Service via Getty Images

Good Europa League Semifinal morning, TSFers. I’ve got some exciting news: for today’s match, we’re rolling out a new live-blogging software. It’ll be a trial and error, see what works and what doesn’t situation, but I’m excited for it. It’s in part because of you guys, by the way, that we’ve been invited to use the feature. Not all the SBN Soccer blogs have it, but we were picked to be in the next phase of sites adding it because you guys show up, read our stuff, and comment actively. So thanks!

The TSF Twitter will still live-tweet the matches, but my hope is that I (and whoever else tweets in the future) will keep Twitter as the more “voice-y” of the two and use the live-blog as more of a match-event and discussion platform. Basically, I’d like to see if we can get the live-blog to do what the comments section of the match thread does.

And for your comment-discussion pleasure: what’s your prediction for the match?