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Monday Cannon Fodder: silent mode

In this photo illustration the American multinational... Photo Illustration by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Are you a silent mode phone person? I’m not talking about putting it on silent when you’re at the office, or in a movie, or someplace where a phone making noises would be rude / inappropriate. I’m talking about the people who have their phones on silent 100% of the time. Because if you are, I do not like your phone-sound life choices.

I try to be diligent about having my phone on ringer as much as I can, because isn’t that most of the point of having a phone? So that people can get in touch with you? And yes, I do understand and fully endorse wanting to pick and choose times to be out of pocket and to have put the phone away. But that should be the exception, not the rule. That changes with work phones — don’t let yourself be “on call” all the time. Take time for yourself. I’m talking about personal phones.

I have meticulously curated which notifications get pushed to my home / lock screen and have been even more ruthless on which I allow to make sounds at me. It gets a bit annoying with all the robocalls that I get, but not to the point where I feel it necessary to only have my phone ring out loud for known numbers (but that is a thing you can do, by the way). Our phones (and all our devices, really) are amazingly customizable and full of features and functions that some of us don’t even know exist. Look into them!

But also, turn your phone on ringer.